May 20

chapter 11 The Mouse and the Motorcycle

It all starts out in the middle of the night… Where Ralph has to find an aspirin tablet for Keith. Everybody in Ralph’s family says,  “No you could get poisoned  by the aspirin tablet.” (But Ralph goes out anyway.)  He searches every single room on the 2nd floor.  When he gets to the last room, he noticed it was silent.  Then someone woke up!  A lady noticed him and he got trapped by a glass cup.  She woke up another lady and they both thought he would make a great class pet.

The ladies thought about it, but realized they were going to San Fransisco and Disney Land.  They wondered how he would make it all the way there.  They tossed him out the window instead.  Ralph grabbed on to a vine, but the chapter ended in a cliffhanger!!! Literally!!!

- Dylan