Daily Archive: May 3, 2016

May 03

Job: Connetion Book: Mouse And The Motorcycle Chapter:2

On page 20 it talks about Keith dropping crumbs on the floor.  It reminds me of when I dropped crumbs on the floor and my God Parents cat ate them up. Written By:Olivia M

May 03

Dear Whiskers

My favorite part of the chapter was the letter that the 2ed grader wrote to  Sameera and   the letter said, “Dear Sameera, Make believe is fun. Pretend  there is a mouse in your desk.  Pretend that this mouse has four brothers  who live in the teacher’s lounge. The four brothers drink  the teacher’s coffee.  …

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May 03

The Mouse and the Motorcycle ”Trapped”

My favorite part of chapter 3 was when Ralph fell of the table with the motorcycle and landed in the metal waste basket. That is my favorite part, because I was thinking that Ralph was going to end up like his uncle. He was thrown out with the garbage. – Sam