Daily Archive: May 13, 2016

May 13

Dear Whiskers Chapter 7

In chapter 7 Jenny reads to Sammeera . This chapter reminds me of when i had to read to my brother.   – Olivia C

May 13

The Mouse And The Motorcycle

My favorite part of chapter 5 was when Ralph got to ride Keith’s motorcycle down the hall of the motel.This is my favorite part of chapter 5 because even tough I never have, riding a motorcycle defiantly sounds fun. -Ari

May 13

Dear Whiskers Chapter 6

In chapter 6 it talks about how Jenny was going to Sameera’s classroom.   When the teacher saw Jenny, she  welcomed her into the classroom.  When Jenny came into the classroom, Sammera was teaching a kid in her class how to make a painted leaf on paper. Then the teacher looked at the time and …

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