Daily Archive: May 6, 2016

May 06

Mouse and the motorcycle chapter 3.

My favorite part about chapter 3 was when Ralph was seeing if the motorcycle still worked.  He checked the handle bars and was seeing if it still worked.  It had fallen in the garbage can, – James

May 06

Chapter 5 The Mouse and the Motorcycle

In chapter 5 Ralph was riding away from the man. It reminds me of when I was running away from Elliot T. when we were playing zombie tag at our house. We were playing at 12:00 pm. Ralph was scared and so was I. I got caught and Ralph did not. By Sam

May 06

chapter 4 The Mouse and the Motorcycle

In chapter 4, Keith says, “Oh no!  Where’s my motorcycle?”  He looks all around- even under the bed.  Then, once he searches everywhere, he finally finds it in the wastebasket.  He was wondering, “How did it get down here?”  Then, he looked again and he saw a furry shape.  It was Ralph, trying to look …

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