Daily Archive: May 25, 2016

May 25

Class Play – The Hunchback and the Swan

play 4

Our class play was today – the third graders did an amazing job!  Here are a few pictures.  The video will be coming to the blog soon!!

May 25

Chapter 12 of Dear Whiskers

My favorite part of the chapter was when Jenny got all of the letters from the second grade because it made me feel good that she got some letters. OliviaC

May 25

Luke`s Favorite Parts of 3rd Grade

Hi! I`m Luke, And these are my favorite parts of 3rd grade! 1. First Day I was excited and a little scared. It was my first year with a locker and homework, but it turned out pretty good. 2. Martin Luther King Jr. Day There were fun activities and making things for people. I loved …

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